Chapter 31 - Chapter 31: The Reagan Experiment 1979-1988...

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Chapter 31: The Reagan Experiment 1979-1988 The Roots of Modern Conservatism Conservative revival: an increase in Christians led to more modern conservatism. The anti-tax movement swept conservatives into power and undermined support for liberal social programs. Intellectual revolution. These conservatives mobilized to reverse what they considered the nation’s moral decline. These conservative currents flowed into the 1980 election. 1980 Presidential Campaign Regan vs. Carter. Regan’s message: love of country, fear of communism, and scorn of government. Large Electoral College gap, small popular vote gap. Called for increase in military spending and George H. W. Bush VP. Rights and Religion Liberals (pro-choice) and Conservatives (anti-abortion) 1981: Discovery of the AIDS virus. ACT UP’s slogan: Silence=Death. Gays began exercising political muscle, demanding research for AIDS Black, Brown, and Yellow A huge flow of Hispanic immigrants came into the US, populating major states such as California, Texas, Florida and New York, Nevada. Heated controversy over how newcomers should be integrated into mainstream and if they should be welcomed. Competition between races. The Reagan Agenda
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Chapter 31 - Chapter 31: The Reagan Experiment 1979-1988...

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