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Throughout the movie “Crash”, racial tension and social inequality were major factors regarding the characters’ thoughts and actions in the film. In the scene where Sandra Bullock’s character was getting her house locks changed, a very brash reaction took place after Bullock’s character saw that the person changing her locks was in fact Hispanic. She exploded, thinking that the locksmith would sell her house-keys to his “homeboys” because of his ethnic background, and made a very dramatic scene with her husband. From a conflict perspective, it is very easy to see that the locksmith is not being
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Unformatted text preview: treated equally simply because of his race. Not only is the locksmith being judged unfairly because of his social class (being much lower than that of Bullock’s), but is also being judged unfairly due to Bullock’s prior experiences with another race. The locksmith was exploited due to his exterior, which causes a very unjust situation, where Bullock’s character could be viewed as the dominant group, and the locksmith as the subordinate group....
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