Lecture 9 PA - Lecture 9, Chapter 9 1.) Overview Epidermis...

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1.) Overview Epidermis introduction Ordinary epidermis cells Cuticle Stomata and guard cells Trichomes and root hairs Other specialized cell types Summary 2.) Epidermis Basics A layer, usually one cell thick that covers the outer surface of the primary plant body derived from the protoderm. In shoots, the protoderm derives from the outer tunica layer; in roots the protoderm derives from a more internally located layer. (Some suggest that the root outer layer should be called another term to reflect this difference). Is a complex tissue with several cell types, usually with primary cell walls. Lignification is rare. Covers all parts of the primary plant body. Is generally replaced by periderm when the plant undergoes secondary growth. Remains fairly to… (?) 3.) Picture of a leaf. Epidermis cells have interlocking, jigsaw puzzle piece appearance. 4.) Cross sections of epidermal cells. Cuticle is not living. 5.) Cross sections of multiple epidermal cells. Ficus leaf and Nerium oleander leaf. 6.) Orchid root cross section. Huge epidermis adapted for water absorption and storage for epiphytic orchids. It is called “velamen” and appears as a white covering. 7.) Picture of epiphytic plants. All parts, including roots are photosynthetic because epiphytes attach to other plants. 8.) Functions of the epidermis Reduction of water loss by transpiration. Protection and support. Gas exchange through the stomata. (CO2 in and O2 out) Storage: Water and other substances. Photosynthesis (under certain circumstances).
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Lecture 9 PA - Lecture 9, Chapter 9 1.) Overview Epidermis...

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