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Hot Deserts A. Descending air of Hadley cells (30 degrees N/S) B. High temperature, low precipitation C. Convergent evolution caused analogous traits in plants Temperate Grasslands A. 30-50 degrees N/S latitude B. Grass-dominated landscape C. Warm/moist summer, cool/dry winter D. Fire near forest edge E. Grasses-more roots than stems. F. Agriculture/Livestock Temperate Shrubland and Woodland A. Mediterranean climate (30-40 degrees N/S) B. Asynchrony between precipitation and summer growing season (precipitation in winter-hot/dry summer) C. Sclerophyll leaves- tough, leathery and stiff D. Fires important (seeds germinate and grow quicker) Temperate Deciduous Forests A. 30-50 degrees N/S B. Extended freezing period C. Enough rainfall to support growth (50-250 cm per year) D. Leaves sensitive (photosynthesis); soil fertile when leaves shed E. Oak, maple, beech-diversity lower than tropical areas (~3000) Temperate Evergreen Forests A. 45-50 degrees N/S on west coast; 30-50 degrees N/S elsewhere
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