Chem ii

Chem II
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Unformatted text preview: 1. CH13M009 (Points: 1.2) The decomposition of dinitrogen pentoxide is described by the chemical equation 2N2O5 . ..... > 4NO2 +O2 If the rate of appearance of O2 is equal to 2.40 mol/min at a particular moment, what is the rate of N2O5 disappearance of at that moment? a. 0.600 mol/min b. 1.20 mol/min c. 4.80 mol/min d. 9.60 mol/min Save Answer 2. CH13M049 (Points: 1.2) The elementary reaction representing the formation of ozone: O2 + O +M. ........ > O3 + M*is an example of a ________ reaction. a. unimolecular b. bimolecular c. termolecular d. tetramolecular Save Answer 3. CH13M028 (Points: 1.2) Using the method of initial rates for the reaction A. ...>B, if the initial concentration of A is doubled and the rate of reaction quadruples, what is the order of reaction with respect to A? a. zeroth b. first c. second d. fourth Save Answer 4. CH13T045 (Points: 1.2) A reaction is found to have an activation energy of 108 kJ/mol. If the rate constant for this reaction is 4.60 x 10-6 s-1 at 275 K, what is the rate constant at 366 K? a. ...
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