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Modern Physics

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HW 2 S10 Modern Physics due at lecture W 24 February This is not group work! Problem 1: Blackbody Radiation The Sun radiates approximately as a blackbody at a temperature of about 6000[K]. a) How much energy is emitted per square centimeter per second in the range of wavelengths from 579 [nm] to 581 [nm]? b) What is the total power radiated by the Sun? c) Assuming that this energy is produced by chemical processes and that the mass of the Sun is 2*10 30 [kg], how long would you estimate the Sun could burn? Are you assuming that it keeps burning at 6000[K]? Is this assumption reasonable? Hint: Use the energy density formula 1 8 _ 3 2 kT hf e hf c f u ity energydens and apply f In a chemical process, 1 kg can yield several 10 3 cal or ~ 10 7 [J/kg] and Sun has 2*10 30 [kg] Problem 2: Compton Scattering a) In a Compton scattering experiment, the wavelength of the incident X-rays is 7.078*10 -2 [nm] while the outgoing X-rays had 7.314*10 -2 [nm]. At what angle was the scattered radiation measured? b)
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HW #2 - HW 2 S10 Modern Physics due at lecture W 24...

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