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00-BlockIntroduction - MB 0034/MH 0038 Research Methodology...

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MB 0034/MH 0038 Research Methodology Contents Unit 1 An Introduction to Research 1 Unit 2 Selection and Formulation of a Research Problem 16 Unit 3 Hypothesis 27 Unit 4 Research Design 44 Unit 5 Case Study Method 62 Unit 6 Sampling 68 Unit 7 Sources of Data 87 Unit 8 Observation 99 Unit 9 Schedules and Questionnaire 110 Unit 10 Interviewing 118 Unit 11 Processing Data 145 Unit 12 Research Report Writing 215 Edition: Fall 2007 BKID – B0800 8 th Nov. 2007
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Brig. (Dr). R. S. Grewal VSM (Retd.) Pro Vice Chancellor Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical & Technological Sciences Board of Studies Mr. Rajen Padukone Member – Academic Senate, Sikkim Manipal University Ms. Vimala Parthasarathy Prof. K. V. Varambally HOD Director Convener Manipal Institute of Management Department of Management & Commerce Manipal Directorate of Distance Education Sikkim Manipal University Prof. Raj Dorai Mr. Jagadeesh Industry Consultant and Assistant Professor Visiting Faculty, IBA, IFIM and BIM, Department of Management & Bangalore Commerce, Directorate of Distance Education, Sikkim Manipal University Mr. Umesh Maiya Mr. R. Ravindra Rao Assistant Professor Senior Faculty
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