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Unformatted text preview: nces, Gangtok, Sikkim by Mr. Rajkumar Mascreen, GM, Manipal Universal Learning Pvt. Ltd., Manipal – 576 104. Printed at Manipal Press Limited, Manipal. SUBJECT INTRODUCTION Research simply means a search for facts – answers to questions and solutions to problems. It is a purposive investigation. It is an organized inquiry. It seeks to find explanations to unexplained phenomenon to clarify the doubtful facts and to correct the misconceived facts. Research is a scientific endeavour. It involves scientific method. “The scientific method is a systematic step-by-step procedure following the logical processes of reasoning”. Scientific method is a means for gaining knowledge of the universe. It does not belong to any particular body of knowledge; it is universal. It does not refer to a field of specific subject of matter, but rather to a procedure or mode of investigation. Unit 1: Meaning of research- Purpose of research- Types of research Significance of research in Social and Business Sciences Unit 2: Choosing the problem Review of literature Formulating the problem Criteria of a good research problem Unit 3: Hypothesis -Meaning and Examples of hypothesis Types of hypo...
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