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Unformatted text preview: e there differences between questionnaire, coding frame and data? 7. Are there undefined and so-called “wild codes”? 8. Comparison of the first counting of the data with the original documents of the researcher. The editing step checks for the completeness, accuracy and uniformity of the data as created by the researcher. Completeness: The first step of editing is to check whether there is an answer to all the questions/variables set out in the data set. If there were any omission, the researcher sometimes would be able to deduce the correct answer from other related data on the same instrument. If this is possible, the data set has to rewritten on the basis of the new information. For example, the approximate family income can be inferred from other Sikkim Manipal University Page No. 149 Research Methodology Unit 11 answers to probes such as occupation of family members, sources of income, approximate spending and saving and borrowing habits of family members’ etc. If the information is vital and has been found to be incomplete, then the researcher can take the step of contacting the respondent personally again and solicit the requisite data again. If none of these steps could be resorted to the marking of the data as “missing” must be resorted to. Accuracy: Apart from checking for omissions, the accuracy of each recorded answer should be checked. A random check process can be applied to trace the errors at this step. Consistency in response can also be checked at this step. The cross verification to a few related responses would help in checking for consistency in responses. The reliability of the data set would heavily depend on this step of error correction. While clear inconsistencies should be rectified in the data sets, fact responses should be dropped from the data sets. Uniformity: In editing data sets, another keen lookout should be for any lack of uniformity, in interpretation of questions and instructions by the data recorders. For instance, the responses...
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