For instance the gender distribution of a sample

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Unformatted text preview: distributions can be described in simple sentences. For instance, the gender distribution of a sample study may be described as “The sample data represents 58% by males and 42% of the sample are females.” Tow-Way Table: Distributions in terms of two or more variables and the relationship between the two variables are show in two-way table. The categories of one variable are presented one below another, on the left margin of the table those of another variable at the upper part of the table, one by the side of another. The cells represent particular combination of both variables. To compare the distributions of cases, raw numbers are converted into percentages based on the number of cases in each category. (Table 10.2) illustrate two-way tables. TABLE10.2 Extent of participation Category Members Ordinary Committee Low No. of Respondents 65 4 Sikkim Manipal University % 41.9 10.3 Medium No. of Respondents 83 33 % 56.8 84.6 High No. of Respondents 2 2 % Total 1.3 5.1 115 39 Page No. 165 Research Methodology Unit 11 Another method of constructing a two-way table is to state the percent of representation as a within brackets term rather than as a separate column. Here, special care has been taken as to how the percentages are calculated, either on a horizontal representation of data or as vertical representation of data. Sometimes, the table heading itself provides a meaning as to the method of representation in the two-way table. Democratic Participation Economic Status Low Medium High Total Low 6(35.3) 11(64.7) 0(0.0) 17 Medium 13(38.2) 18(53.0) 3(8.8) 34 High 6(62.5) 10(62.5) 0(0.0) 16 Very High 2(33.3) 3(50.0) 1(16.7) 6 27 42 4 73 Total 11.12 Graphs, Charts & Diagrams In presenting the data of frequency distributions and statistical computations, it is often desirable to use appropriate forms of graphic presentations. In additions to tabular forms, graphic presentation involves use of graphics, charts and other pictorial devices such as diagrams. These forms and devices reduce large masses of statistical data to a...
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