For instance there will be a tendency to give a code

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Unformatted text preview: For instance, there will be a tendency to give a code of 0 to a ‘no’, then a different coding than 0 should be given in the data sheet. An illustration of the coding process of some of the demographic variables is given in the following table. Sikkim Manipal University Page No. 152 Research Methodology Question Variable Number Unit 11 observation 1.1 Code Excellent 5 4 3 2 1 Up to 20 years 1 21-40 years 2 40-60 years 3 Salaried S Professional P Technical T Business B Retire d R Housewife H Others Occupation 1 Worst 5.2 2 Bad Age Yes Adequate 5.1 Go Good Vehicle performs. Pb No 4.2 Pt Government Owner of Vehicle Private Public 3.4 Organisation Response categories = = Could be treated as a separate variable/observation and the actual response could be recorded. The new variable could be termed as “other occupation” The coding sheet needs to be prepared carefully, if the data recording is not done by the researcher, but is outsourced to a data entry firm or individual. In order to enter the data in the same perspective, as the researcher would like to view it, the data coding sheet is to be prepared first and a copy of the Sikkim Manipal University Page No. 153 Research Methodology Unit 11 data coding sheet should be given to the outsourcer to help in the data entry procedure. Sometimes, the researcher might not be able to code the data from the primary instrument itself. He may need to classify the responses and then code them. For this purpose, classification of data is also necessary at the data entry stage. 11.5 Classification When open ended responses have been received, classification is necessary to code the responses. For instance, the income of the respondent could be an open-ended question. From all responses, a suitable classification can be arrived at. A classification method should meet certain requirements or should be guided by certain rules. First, classification should be linked to the theory and the aim of the particular study. The objectives of the study will determine the dimensions chosen for coding. The catego...
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