If the variable cannot be coded into categories

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Unformatted text preview: ion that the observer has chosen. If the variable cannot be coded into categories, requisite length for recording the actual response of the observer should be provided for in the work sheet. The worksheet can then be used for preparing the summary tables or can be subjected to further analysis of data. The original research instrument can be now kept aside as safe documents. Copies of the data sheets can also be kept for future references. As has been discussed under the editing section, the transcript data has to be subjected to a testing to ensure error free transcription of data. Sikkim Manipal University Page No. 157 Research Methodology Unit 11 A sample worksheet is given below for reference. Sl vehicle Occupation No Owner performance Age Age YNSPT 1 B R R Other occ 1 x x 2 3 4 Vehicle x x 2 3 4 51 2 3 x x x x x x x x 4 x x x x 5 x x 6 x 7 x 8 x x x x x Student Artist x x x x x Transcription can be made as and when the edited instrument is ready for processing. Once all schedules/questionnaires have been transcribed, the frequency tables can be constructed straight from worksheet. Other methods of manual transcription include adoption of sorting strips or cards. In olden days, data entry and processing were made through mechanical and semi auto-metric devices such as key punch using punch cards. The arrival of computers has changed the data processing methodology altogether. 11.7 Tabulation The transcription of data can be used to summarize and arrange the data in compact form for further analysis. The process is called tabulation. Thus, tabulation is a process of summarizing raw data displaying them on compact Sikkim Manipal University Page No. 158 Research Methodology Unit 11 statistical tables for further analysis. It involves counting the number of cases falling into each of the categories identified by the researcher. Tabulation can be done manually or through the computer. The choice depends upon the size and type of study, cost considerations, time pressures and the availability...
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