The research variables recognized is the result of

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Unformatted text preview: arch variables recognized is the result of the preliminary research plan, which also sets out the data processing methods beforehand. Processing of data requires advanced planning and this planning may cover such aspects as identification of variables, hypothetical relationship among the variables and the tentative research hypothesis. The various steps in processing of data may be stated as: o Identifying the data structures o Editing the data o Coding and classifying the data Sikkim Manipal University Page No. 146 Research Methodology o Transcription of data o Unit 11 Tabulation of data. Objectives: After studying this lesson you should be able to understand: Checking for analysis Editing Coding Classification Transcription of data Tabulation Construction of Frequency Table Components of a table Principles of table construction Frequency distribution and class intervals Graphs, charts and diagrams Types of graphs and general rules Quantitative and qualitative analysis Measures of central tendency Dispersion Correlation analysis Coefficient of determination 11.2 Checking for Analysis In the data preparation step, the data are prepared in a data format, which allows the analyst to use modern analysis software such as SAS or SPSS. The major criterion in this is to define the data structure. A data structure is a dynamic collection of related variables and can be conveniently represented as a graph where nodes are labelled by variables. The data Sikkim Manipal University Page No. 147 Research Methodology Unit 11 structure also defines and stages of the preliminary relationship between variables/groups that have been pre-planned by the researcher. Most data structures can be graphically presented to give clarity as to the frames researched hypothesis. A sample structure could be a linear structure, in which one variable leads to the other and finally, to the resultant end variable. The identification of the nodal points and the relationships among the nodes could sometimes be a complex task than estimated. When the task is complex, which inv...
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