When the task is complex which involves several types

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Unformatted text preview: olves several types of instruments being collected for the same research question, the procedures for drawing the data structure would involve a series of steps. In several intermediate steps, the heterogeneous data structure of the individual data sets can be harmonized to a common standard and the separate data sets are then integrated into a single data set. However, the clear definition of such data structures would help in the further processing of data. 11.3 Editing The next step in the processing of data is editing of the data instruments. Editing is a process of checking to detect and correct errors and omissions. Data editing happens at two stages, one at the time of recording of the data and second at the time of analysis of data. 11.3.1 Data Editing at the Time of Recording of Data Document editing and testing of the data at the time of data recording is done considering the following questions in mind. Do the filters agree or are the data inconsistent? Have ‘missing values’ been set to values, which are the same for all research questions? Have variable descriptions been specified? Sikkim Manipal University Page No. 148 Research Methodology Unit 11 Have labels for variable names and value labels been defined and written? All editing and cleaning steps are documented, so that, the redefinition of variables or later analytical modification requirements could be easily incorporated into the data sets. 11.3.2 Data Editing at the Time of Analysis of Data Data editing is also a requisite before the analysis of data is carried out. This ensures that the data is complete in all respect for subjecting them to further analysis. Some of the usual check list questions that can be had by a researcher for editing data sets before analysis would be: 1. Is the coding frame complete? 2. Is the documentary material sufficient for the methodological description of the study? 3. Is the storage medium readable and reliable. 4. Has the correct data set been framed? 5. Is the number of cases correct? 6. Ar...
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