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1 | P a g e Sikkim Manipal University Model Question Paper Subject: Software Engineering Subject code: MI0024 Total Time: 1 hour Total Marks: 70 Notes: 1. Question paper is divided into three parts i.e. Part A, Part B, and Part C. 2. Part A consist 20 questions of 1 mark each 3. Part B consist 11 questions of 2 marks each. 4. Part C consist 07 questions of 4 marks each. 5. All questions are compulsory Part A (One Mark Question) 1) Computer Software has become the engine that drives business __________ a. decision making b. cost reductions c. revenue generation d. time saving 2) Software has become the basis for various decision making. a. Software b. Intelligence c. Ideas d. Database 3) ________ is also known as Waterfall model. a. Linear programming model b. Non linear programming model c. linear sequential model d. non linear sequential model 4) ____________ plans, motivate, organizes, and controls the practitioners who work on various processes of the software. a. customers b. end-users c. practitioners d. project manager 5) Normalizing quality and productivity measures can be done by considering the _____of the software. a. nature b. cost c. complexity
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P a g e d. size 6) Determination of _________is the first activity in software planning. a. objectives b. software requirements c. customers requirements d. software scope 7) _______ leads to optimization of the software resources. a. Reusability b. Replanning c. Relocation d. Repeatability 8) For higher-grade of materials the tolerances are _______ . a. large b. very large c. small d. very small 9) _______refers to the characteristics that designers specify for an item. a. Enhancing b. Quality of Design c. Measuring d. Maintaining 10) The quality movement started in the 1940s with a major contribution on quality aspects from _______ . a. Smith b. Deming c. Juran d. Fayol 11) Software configuration management (SCM) is applied throughout the ______ process. a. organization b. system c. department d. software 12) SCI represents ______ . a.
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MI0024_Software_Engineering-Model_Question_Paper - Sikkim...

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