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PS2 - #$&$'01(1-23456 57'0 89;<5$7%2.$ 2.90 IDENTIFY Both...

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!"#$%&$ () * +,-%./ 01(1 * !-23456 +57 0 89: ;<5$7%2.$ 2.90. I DENTIFY : Both objects are in free-fall. Apply the constant acceleration equations to the motion of each person. S ET U P : Let be downward, so for each object. E XECUTE : (a) Find the time it takes the student to reach the ground: , , . gives . Superman must reach the ground in : , , . gives . Superman must have initial speed . (b) The graphs of y - t for Superman and for the student are sketched in Figure 2.90. (c) The minimum height of the building is the height for which the student reaches the ground in 5.00 s, before Superman jumps. . The skyscraper must be at least 122 m high. E VALUATE : , so only Superman could jump downward with this initial speed. Figure 2.90 3.4. I DENTIFY : . This vector will make a -angle with both axes when its x - and y - components are equal. S ET U P : . E XECUTE : . gives . E VALUATE : Both components of change with t . 3.53. I DENTIFY : The cannister moves in projectile motion. Its initial velocity is horizontal. Apply constant acceleration equations for the x and y components of motion.
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S ET U P : Take the origin of
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