3 identify each force can be used in the relation for

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Unformatted text preview: 6.3. IDENTIFY: Each force can be used in the relation for parts (b) through (d). For part (e), apply the net work relation as SET UP: In order to move the crate at constant velocity, the worker must apply a force that equals the force of friction, EXECUTE: (a) The magnitude of the force the worker must apply is: (b) Since the force applied by the worker is horizontal and in the direction of the displacement, and the work is: (c) Friction acts in the direction opposite of motion, thus and the work of friction is: (d) Both gravity and the normal force act perpendicular to the direction of displacement. Thus, neither force does any work on the crate and (e) Substituting into the net work relation, the net work done on the crate is: EVALUATE: The net work done on the crate is zero because the two contributing forces, are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction....
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