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Unformatted text preview: Physics 16 Problem Set 6 Solutions Y&F Problems 1.55. IDENTIFY: For all of these pairs of vectors, the angle is found from combining Equations (1.18) and as . (1.21), to give the angle SET UP: EXECUTE: (b) (c) and . . If , . If , and the two Eq.(1.14) shows how to obtain the components for a vector written in terms of unit vectors. (a) and so . . EVALUATE: If , vectors are perpendicular. 1.93. IDENTIFY: SET UP: EXECUTE: Find the angle between specified pairs of vectors. Use (a) (along line ab) (along line ad ) So (b) (along line ad ) (along line ac) So EVALUATE: Each angle is computed to be less than Fig. 1.43 in the textbook. in agreement with what is deduced from...
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