Set up in both cases assume v is constant so and

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Unformatted text preview: h cases assume v is constant, so and . EXECUTE: In terms of the range R and the constant speed v, so in terms of the range R In terms of the time of flight (a) Rather than solve for R as a function of v, differentiate the first of these relations with respect to v, setting to obtain For the maximum range, so Performing the differentiation, dF = 2αv − 2β / v 3 which is solved for dv € This is certainly an easier way to solve the problem than solving for R(v) and differentiating to find the maximum, but if you’re calculus is up to snuff there’s no reason you can’t differentiate R(v). (b) Similarly, the maximum time is found by setting . EVALUATE: When and and , has its minimum value . W...
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