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Lawrendra 1 Anton Lawrendra Mrs. Isaacs AP Art History, Period 5 5 February 2008 Take Home Essay Question: Throughout history, works of art have included symbolic or allegorical images. Select and identify two works of art that include symbolic or allegorical images. Your choices must be from different art historical periods. Discuss how each work uses symbols or allegory to convey meaning. (30 minutes) In Allegory of Law and Grace (16 th Century Art In Northern Europe And Spain), Lucas Cranach depicted the differences between Catholicism (based on Old Testament Law, according to Luther) and Protestantism (based on a belief in God’s grace) in two images separated by a centrally placed tree. On the left half, Judgment Day has arrived, as represented by Christ’s appearance at the top of the scene, hovering amid a cloud halo and accompanied by angels and saints. Christ raises his left hand in the traditional gesture of damnation, and, below, a skeleton drives off a terrified person to burn for all eternity in hell. This person tried to live a good and
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apah take home essay - Lawrendra 1 Anton Lawrendra Mrs...

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