Homework 9 problems and solutions

Homework 9 problems and solutions - destination addresses:...

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Homework 9 Solutions R9) Describe how packet loss can occur at input ports. Describe how packet loss at input ports can be eliminated (without using infinite buffers). R10) Describe how packet loss can occur at output ports. R11) What is HOL blocking? Does it occur in input ports or output ports? R13) What is the 32-bit binary equivalent of the IP address R16) Suppose an application generates chunks of 40 bytes of data every 20 ms, and each chunk gets encapsulated in a TCP segment and then an IP datagram. What percentage of each datagram will be overhead, and what percentage will be application data? P9) Consider a datagram network using 32-bit host addresses. Suppose a router has four links, numbered 0 through 3, and packets are to be forwarded to the link interfaces as seen in the book. a. Provide a forwarding table that has four entries, uses longest prefix matching, and forwards packets to the correct link interfaces.
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b. Describe how your forwarding table determines the appropriate link interface for datagrams with
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Unformatted text preview: destination addresses: 11001000 10010001 01010001 01010101 11100001 01000000 11000011 00111100 11100001 10000000 00010001 01110111 P15) Consider a subnet with prefix Give an example of one IP address (of form xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) that can be assigned to this network. Suppose an ISP owns the block of addresses of the form Suppose it wants to create four subnets from this block, with each block having the same number of IP addresses. What are the prefixes (of form a.b.c.d/x) for the four subnets? P17) Consider sending a 2400-byte datagram into a link that has an MTU of 700 bytes. Suppose the original datagram is stamped with the identification number 422. How many fragments are generated? What are the values in the various fields in the IP datagram(s) generated related to fragmentation?...
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Homework 9 problems and solutions - destination addresses:...

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