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Discrete-Time Signals and Systems Dr. Fred J. Taylor, Professor Lesson Title: FIR Frequency Response Lesson Number: 17 (Section 6-7 to 6-9) Challenge An 51 st order MA filter is presented with a cosine wave at frequency ω . What is the smallest positive baseband frequency that will result in a +90 ° output signal phase
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Unformatted text preview: shift? Response The first occurrence of a +90 ° phase shift corresponds to a -270 ° or 3 π /2 radian phase shift. The phase response of the filter is ∠ H(e j ω ) = - 25 ω = 3 π /2, or ω = 3 π /50 which corresponds to f=3f s /100.-π /25 π /25 ∆ =-25 90 ° f=1/50 f=1/25 1 π-π ∆ =-25...
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