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Challenge_12 - What is the maximum FIR order Response At...

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EEL 3135: Signals and Systems Dr. Fred J. Taylor, Professor Lesson Title: Building Blocks Lesson Number: 12 (Section 5-4) Challenge 12 FIR Filter Cycle Prediction An inexpensive DSP μ p is assumed to have a cycle time of 100 × 10 -9 (10MIPS) and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. It is further assumed that each instruction takes 100ns to execute each MAC call. Assume that it takes 20 cycles to initialize a filter cycle and read data. In addition assume that it takes 5 more cycles to write the outcome to memory at the end of the filter cycle.
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Unformatted text preview: What is the maximum FIR order? Response At 44.1 kHz, the maximum filter cycle in on the order of T =2.25*10-5 sec. There are about 225 100ns time-slots in the T interval. The maximum FIR would therefore be on the order of N=225 – 20 -5 = 200. While filters of this order have been designed, generally FIR’s have orders from ranging 16 to 64. 1...
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