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Chapter 10 Study Guide A. The Nature of Ceremonial Celebratory Speaking a. Ceremonial speech involves a formal action or a set of actions that have been established by social custom, law, or religious doctrine. b. Involves honoring, praising, solemnizing, or commemorating persons or events c. Serves to articulate and intensify a groups commitment to a shared value or set of values B. Occasions for Ceremonial Speaking a. Speeches of Greeting i. The Welcome Speech 1. Sets the tone 2. Positive and upbeat 3. Inspires the audience Not a speech for welcoming someone to a company, do not confuse with speech of introduction ii. The Speech of Introduction 1. Makes the person feel welcome and comfortable 2. Informs the audience about his/hers background and accomplishments 3. Help to establish his/her ethos, and creates a desire to hear the speaker Can be used in a business atmosphere, welcoming a new employee or a manager to a team b. Receiving an Award i. Express gratitude for the honor ii. Recognize the ideals the award represents iii. Importance to you receiving it Tom Hanks Clip: c. Speeches That Honor
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i. The Toast
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Chapter_10_Study_Guide - Chapter 10 Study Guide A The...

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