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FACULTY OF BUSINESS INDICATIVE EXAMINATION ITC332 SITE OPERATIONS FOR WEBMASTERS LECTURER: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx TIME: 99:99xx WRITING TIME: Three Hours READING TIME: Ten Minutes MATERIALS SUPPLIED BY UNIVERSITY: 1 x 24 page Work Booklet MATERIAL PERMITTED IN EXAMINATION: Nil NUMBER OF QUESTIONS: Nine (9) INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: 1. Enter your name, student number and signature into the box below. 2. Attempt ALL questions. 3. Start a new page for each new question , but NOT for each part of a question. . 4. During reading time, no writing is permitted either on the examination paper or in the answer booklet 5. Read each question carefully to ensure that you have answered everything that is required in the question. Most questions have multiple parts. 6. There are 100 possible marks for this examination. Questions 1 to 8 are worth 10 marks each. Question 9 is worth 20 marks. 7. Aim to spend about 15 minutes each on questions 1 to 8, and 30 minutes on question 9, ie approximately 1½ minutes per allocated mark. This will provide you with some time at the end of the examination to check that you have attempted all parts of all questions. 8. This examination is worth 50% of the final assessment for this subject. INSTRUCTIONS TO INVIGILATORS: 1. NO WRITING IS PERMITTED DURING READING TIME ON THE QUESTION PAPER OR IN THE WORK BOOKLET. 2. COLLECT BOTH THE QUESTION PAPER AND THE WORK BOOKLET AT THE END OF THE EXMINATION. STUDENT NAME: _____________________________________STUDENT NO. ______________ STUDENT SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________________________ Indicative Examination Page 1 of 5 pages
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Question 1 (10 marks) (a) Publishing on the World Wide Web expands the traditional notion of publishing. Give any three (3) examples related to the publication process that you believe support the truth of this statement, AND provide a comprehensive explanation of each of them. (3 marks) (b) (i) Suppose you find yourself in charge of a real estate website ( ) which was developed some time ago. Your boss is not sure how to define your job description and has asked for your feedback as a recent graduate of ITC332. Name and describe three (3) different areas of responsibility you would expect to be given, and the some of the tasks you would expect to have to carry out as part of your responsibilities. (ii) Your boss asks you to analyse and report back to her on the current status of the website ( ) with the view to redesign/redevelopment. You find yourself thinking about the following four (4) questions: In website design how do services and features fit within a site? What features should be always available on any site? What role do features play in a competitive online world? Are there some SPECIAL features that might be relevant in this situation? Provide the answers you would include in your report. (3 + 4 marks) Question 2 (10 marks) Fully answer the following server management questions. Where relevant provide the necessary
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