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PractMid08 bicd 120

PractMid08 bicd 120 - BICD 120 Name Page 1 BICD 120 MIDTERM...

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Sheet1 Page 1 BICD 120 Name _______________________________ October 28, 2008 Page 1 BICD 120 MIDTERM EXAM PRINT YOUR NAME LEGIBLY ON EVERY PAGE!! ALL STUDENTS MUST READ THE FOLLOWING WAIVER: By signing this waiver, I give permission for this exam to be distributed in class and acknowledge that this may expose my score to view by other students. If I do not sign this waiver, I acknowledge that my exam will be available for pickup only during the professorÕs office hours. Exams not picked up by the end of Fall Quarter, 2008, will be discarded. __________________________________________ (Student Signature) QUESTION: POINTS: 1. ____________ (64 pts) 2. ____________ (55 pts) 3. ____________ (43 pts) 4. ____________ (40 pts) 5. ____________ (36 pts) 6. ____________ (46 pts) 7. ____________ (50 pts) 8. ____________ (50 pts) 9. ____________ (20 pts) 10. __________ (46 pts) Extra Credit __________ TOTAL: ____________ (450 pts total) There are 10 questions on 8 pages T MIDTERM EXAM Name _______________________________ Fall 2008 Page 2 1. (A) (20 pts) Indicate which of the following cell components is (are) associated with the structure or function listed below. Write the letter(s) of the component next to the structure or function that applies. More than one answer may apply, so list all that do. a)Vacuoles b) Primary Cell Walls c) Secondary Cell Walls d) Plastids e) None _____ Traversed by plasmodesmata ______Oxidative phosphorylation occurs _____ High lignin content ______ Plant secondary compounds accumulate here _____ Can contain ! 1-4 linked glucose ______Involved in turgor maintenance _____ Have a double membrane ______Are in contact with pectins _____ Phenolic compounds stored here ______ Can contain carotenoid pigments (B) (16 pts) In one sentence, state what a chromoplast is? In what parts of a plant are they likely to be found and for what purpose? (C) (28 pts) In the space provided list the letter of the statement that fits the name listed. If a name has no corresponding statement, leave it blank. a) Plants utilize the blue and red part _____ Melvin Calvin of the spectrum for photosynthesis. b) Sunlight and green plant parts restore _____ T. W. Engelmann ÒburntÓ air. c) Equal volumes of O2 and CO2 are _____ J. B. van Helmont exchanged during photosynthesis. d) O2 is a product of water oxidation. _____ J. Priestley e) CO2 is fixed into a 3-carbon organic molecule. _____ J. Ingenhousz
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Sheet1 Page 2 f) Plants do not grow by consuming soil. _____ N. Saussure g) Plants "restore" air "injured" by the burning _____ C. B. Van Niel of a candle. o MIDTERM EXAM Name _______________________________ Fall 2008 Page 3 2. (A) (15 pts) During photosynthetic electron transport electrons are transferred from PSII to PSI via a series of electron carriers including plastoquinone. What additional function does plastoquinone play besides transferring electrons between carriers? Of what value is this? (B) (10 pts) You are testing the effect of a new potential herbicide on photosynthesis. Upon application of the herbicide to photosynthesizing pea leaves you find that NADPH production has stopped. Careful spectral analysis of the e- carriers indicates that plastocyanin is in an oxidized state while cyt f, Q, and the plastoquinones are completely reduced. Between which two electron
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PractMid08 bicd 120 - BICD 120 Name Page 1 BICD 120 MIDTERM...

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