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14 Experimental design - Goals of experiments Eliminate...

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Goals of experiments ! Eliminate bias ! Reduce sampling error (increase precision and power) Design features that reduce bias ! Controls ! Random assignment to treatments ! Blinding Controls ! A group which is identical to the experimental treatment in all respects aside from the treatment itself. Example: placebo ! Some illnesses, e.g. pain and depression, respond to fact of treatment, even with no pharmaceutically active ingredients ! Control: "sugar pills"
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Example: independent recovery ! Patients tend to seek treatment when they feel very bad ! As a result, they often visit the doctor when they are at their worst. Improvement may be inevitable, even without treatment ! Therefore, we need a control, untreated group to compare with, if we want to measure the effects of a new therapy Random assignment averages out the effects of confounding variables Experiment: individuals are randomly assigned to treatments
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