POT3302 - Notes (02-10)

POT3302 - Notes (02-10) - POT3302 Political Ideologies...

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POT3302 – Political Ideologies Notes – February 10 th , 2009 Economic Liberalism Economic liberalism is based on theories put down by Locke, Smith, and then classical economists. A fundamental theory put down by Locke, a central tenet of liberalism, is that there is no antagonism between the drive for the survival of the species and the drive for individual survival; these drives are complimentary. Modern liberals doubt this, and therefore believe some government intervention is necessary. Modern liberalism is a meeting of John Stuart Mills and western European socialism; while it diverts from the economic and governmental tenets of liberalism, it retains the liberal belief in individual action. Adam Smith says that since these two drives in humans can be reconciled, they are reconciled in man’s daily decision making. The reason why these two drives are complimentary is because man is rational. Man’s daily relations with others are mostly economic. If you leave society to itself, and if you improve the level of education in a society, man’s actions will be mostly rational. Society will be so well run it will be as if
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POT3302 - Notes (02-10) - POT3302 Political Ideologies...

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