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POT3302 – Political Ideologies Notes – 02/12/2009 FOR TUESDAY: Read “What is a Nation?” and Stalin’s essay and compare. What is a Nation? A shared history and a desire to move forward as a group. A nation is an exercise of choice, a choice to exist. Nationhood is linked to freedom. It is not the fabrication of utopia or perfection; it is an affirmation of life, of the individual. For Renan, to believe is to create. If this fundamental belief of freedom is not at the center of a nation, then it is not a nation. If you cannot create and recreate your community, if you cannot affirm it, then you are not free, you are not a part of your nation. It is the only kind of nationalism that can exist. “A nation’s existence is, if you pardon the metaphor, a daily plebiscite, just as an individual’s existence is a perpetual affirmation of life.” – Ernest Renan Nations guarantee liberty, which would be non-existent under “one law, one master”.
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