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POT3302 - Notes (02-19) - POT3302 Political Ideologies...

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POT3302 – Political Ideologies Notes – 02/19/2009 CONSERVATISM – the anti-ideology ideology Conservatism tries to preserve a very ancient western idea. This idea is the following: from the time of the Greek to the Romans, to the Christians to the medieval age, some kind of cosmic order has given mankind a law which generates a certain type of order. Basically, there may be different types of political systems, and these different types have a lot to do with each society’s traditions, but each system takes care of the law. They try to turn it’s own law into as good an expression of this cosmic law as it can. This law is vital because man’s nature is flawed. The whole drama of history is man falling away from the law and trying to get back to it. Treaty of Westphalia (1648) – put an end to decades of religious wars in Europe, and ended conflict between the emerging national states and the empire. “The political existence of the state comes before the law.” Each leader can interpret the law as they wish, and can even be above the law. Originally, it was not interpreted as such, but as time went on, slowly rulers began to stray from tradition. Then, there is a popular uprising out of the results of this treaty (e.g. France, England, etc.). Even then, what prevails is a sense of ideology. We must subordinate the LAW. Through intent, through our love of mankind, we can organize a better society, and the law will be subordinated by this intent. We will build a better man based on good will. What is conservatism? Conservatism is an attempt to preserve this tradition based on the law. It is afraid of ideology. There are many different types of conservatism, because there are many different understandings and interpretations of the law. What binds conservatives is a belief in the law. Conservatives say freedom cannot exist without order. Duty and right are concepts that
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POT3302 - Notes (02-19) - POT3302 Political Ideologies...

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