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POT3302 - Notes (03-12) - 3.12.2009 There were incredible...

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3.12.2009 There were incredible events set loose by the industrial revolution and liberalism. Man had had an eminently collectivist lifestyle for most of his history. The cultures of Western civilization was a bit more individualistic. But basic Christian principles centered on the community. The growth of cities, development of factories, emergence of a middle class. Alls this linked with the rise of the nation-state really transformed the world. It was an unprecedented transformation. This whirlwind of changed was ushered in by a new ideology, Liberalism. Countered by the counter ideology which was Conservatism. Came with Nationalism which was concerned with preserving the nation-state. but it also came with Socialism, which was centered on alleviating the gross class differences and injustices that had emerged from the industrial revolution. The Industrial Rev. gave immense wealth for the bougoise, a small segment of the population, not the everyday man. Two sources of socialism came from 1. The working class, bound to the man next
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