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POT3302 - Notes (03-26) - POT3302 Political Ideologies...

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POT3302 – Political Ideologies Notes – 03/26/2009 Karl Marx (cont.): Marx has a dynamic view of materialism. He believes that the human social world evolves through class struggle, that the engine of history is class struggle. The engine of history is how man develops more sophisticated ways of organizing his work in order to transform his environment. He believes that those systems of organization change only through some sort of confrontation or struggle. The different systems of organizing work always tend to correspond to a certain class; the most advanced form of organization if socialism, because it provides the most benefits to all. Marx believes the capitalist system will fall apart because of its own doing, its own limitations. There are inherent flaws in the capitalist system that will cause its demise. He believes that what will destroy the capitalist system is competition within the system. He says that as capitalists compete for supremacy they will have to invest more and more in technology; as they invest more and more in technology, technology becomes more and more expensive. In order to get the technology you need to defeat your rivals, you have to lay more people off. The more people that you have to lay off in order to pay for your technology, the more people there are that cannot purchase your product. Therefore, the price of your product increases, yet no one can buy it, which leads to less profit. This leads to increasing tension until finally the working class rises and brings down the system. Marx believes the profit is inherently immoral. Profit is based on “surplus value”. Surplus value is the idea that the capitalist adds to the product he does not manufacture but he sells a huge gain. He assigns little to the worker that actually made the product, so the
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POT3302 - Notes (03-26) - POT3302 Political Ideologies...

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