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POT3302 - Notes (04-07) - POT3302 Political Ideologies...

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POT3302 – Political Ideologies Notes – 04/07/2009 (Read “New Science of Politics” ASAP; bring book to class Thursday) (RECOMMENDED: “History of Fascism”, “The Origins of Totalitarianism”) TOTALITARIANISM Totalitarianism is a political phenomenon that takes place on various levels. In current society, life is privatized. In a totalitarian state, everything is linked. The essence of totalitarianism is the total control of the state, of the government, by a single political party that allows for no competition and tolerates no other rival. Furthermore, this single political party is organized not like a traditional political party. “Cadre” political parties consist of a group of leaders. U.S. political parties were cadre parties until the arrival of Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. Van Buren laid out the strategy for a mass political party. After Van Buren and Jackson, cadre political parties have risen in the U.S., but their main goal was to influence the agenda of current parties.
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POT3302 - Notes (04-07) - POT3302 Political Ideologies...

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