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POT3302 - Notes (04-09) - POT3302 Political Ideologies...

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POT3302 – Political Ideologies Notes – 04/09/2009 Eric Voegelin is one of the most important political theorists of the 20 th century. He belongs to a group of central and eastern European intellectuals who lived through either communism or the coming of fascism and escaped both and made it to America. They saw how a totalitarian monster was built, and they knew what democracy was. They lived in very profound times and times of crises (WWI, WWII, Cold War). Voegelin’s scholarly objective is to identify the order of history, a transcendent reason to history, which can be understood through analysis. His main series of books is called “Order of History”. In “The New Science of Politics” he demonstrates great ideas succinctly. He is in the ancient and medieval tradition. Spengler is another intellectual who wrote a very influential book called “Twilight of the West”, which is about the end of Western civilization. Spengler tried to find an organic explanation to how civilizations rose and fell; he was not a Nazi, but his organic view of the rise and fall of culture influence Nazi and Fascist leaders. He
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POT3302 - Notes (04-09) - POT3302 Political Ideologies...

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