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POT3302 - Notes (04-14)

POT3302 - Notes (04-14) - progression of man and thought...

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POT3302 – Political Ideologies Notes – 04/14/2009 Final Exam: April 21 st , 2009 7:15PM – 9:15PM Voegelin Man did not create politics, but that politics is the result of man’s very nature. Politics and philosophy are not distinct entities, and in order to understand the new science of politics, one must return to the ancient mode of thought, in which philosophy and political science are intertwined. For Voegelin, philosophy is the search for truth. This truth will reveal the order of history. Ideology is an attempt to ossify truth; it is the beginning of a gross distortion of the intellect. In order to study life in motion, one must understand how man communicates the realities he observes; he communicates these realities through symbology. Ideologies distort reality, and therefore distort thought. One cannot discard what has come before; if one discards the past, one loses track of the
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Unformatted text preview: progression of man and thought. When one studies philosophy or history, one must be aware of all modes of thought, and cannot separate one field of study from another (e.g. political science and philosophy). The Gnostics were initially a Christian heresy. A society can progress materially and technologically and simultaneously decay morally. The Mediterranean tradition is imbued with humility; liberation can only begin when one realizes what one does not know. Voegelin is saying that there is no tabula rasa. Voegelin is essentially saying that everything we have studied up to this point is nonsense. Every ideology ignores other universal truths, and so distorts reality. They do not acknowledge transcendental ideas and beliefs. One cannot separate the model from the fact, and then claim that the model is superior to the fact. The danger of positivism is that it does just that....
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