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Name_______________________________ 1 of 5 FINAL EXAMINATION - STAT 427 Wed., June 7, 2006. 9:30AM - 11:20AM Journalism Bldg. Room 304 Prof. Prem Goel & Please write your name on each sheet, just in case the staple comes off. & This examination consists of six problems, worth a total of 140 points. & Maximum score for each question is given in the [ ]. & You are allowed to use up to three 8.5" x 11" sheets with any information on it, as well as a calculator during the exam. These items are not to be shared with others. & Please explain each step and show all your work in the first five problems in order to receive partial credit. A correct answer, without appropriate explanation(s), will not receive any credit. & In any problem, if you can not complete a part whose answer is needed in solving subsequent parts, assume a justifiable number for the earlier part, and proceed to answer the subsequent parts. Of course, you will not get any credit for the part for which an answer was assumed. & The Standard Normal CDF Table is provided on the last page of the exam. & Good Luck.
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Name_______________________________ 2 of 5 1. [25 points] Motor vehicles independently enter a mountain tunnel at an average rate of 30 per hour. a) [4 points] What is the distribution of times between two consecutive vehicles entering the tunnel? b) [6 points] More than 2 vehicles entering the tunnel in any 3-minute period lead to an environmentally hazardous situation. Find the probability that the number of vehicles entering the tunnel during a randomly selected 3-minute period exceeds 2, i.e., a given 3 minute period is in an environmentally hazardous situation. c) [7 points] This tunnel is observed during twenty (20) independent 3-minute periods.
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Sp06_Final-Posted - Name_ FINAL EXAMINATION - STAT 427...

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