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ME360 homework assignments, Spring 2010 HW1, Jan. 22, due Monday, Feb. 1 Reading Start reviewing ME340 and ECE 205/206. Text 1 (Ambardar): Ch. 1; Ch. 2, Ch. 3: 3.0 - 3.4, review the first and the last pages (mathematical notation, trig. identities, integrals, finite sums, sequences and series, series expansions). Also, review from your math. courses integration by parts and trigonometric functions and identities. Text 2 (Astrom): Ch. 2 (modeling), Text 3 (Cochin): Ch. 12, sec. 12.1 (modeling review). Problems (please, refer to the correspondingly numbered problem in the solved examples handout) 1 - sketch a) p(t)=x[0.65(t-3)], b) h(t)= -x(5-5t), c) s(t)=x(-0.65t-3), d) r(t)=x[-0.65(t-3)].
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Unformatted text preview: 2. a) x(t)= exp(0.5t)sin(12t), b) x(t)=texp(-abs(7t))cos(7t). 3. a) x(t)=sin(20 π t)sin(40 π t). 4. a) x(t)=exp(50t)rect(0.2t), b) x(t)=rect(t/18)tri[(t-8)/8], c) u[0.5(15-abs(-5t))]. 5. a) the area of y(t)=15exp(-10t)u(t)-5exp(-9t)u(t), b) the energy of y(t)=9exp(-3t)u(t)-6exp(-11t)u(t). 6. a) x(t)=exp(-6t/ τ )cos(5t)u(t), b) x(t)= texp(-9t/ τ )sin(5t)u(t). 7. a) x(t)=(5-5exp(-t/8 τ ))u(t). 8. Let x[n]={5, 1(origin), 4, 9, 9}. 9. a) f[n]=8 x[n+11], b) h[n]=6x[-n-11]. 10. Let x[n]={ -5, -2(origin), 2, -6, 7, 9}....
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