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360 homework assignments, Spring 2010 HW5, Feb. 24, due March 3 Reading Text 1: Sec. 2.4, 3.5, 3.6, 8.4; Text 3: Ch. 6. Problems 1. Take a) x(t)=5+6sin(30 t)-6cos(40 t) and b) x(t)= -9sin(22 t- /5)-6cos(23 t+ /6); choose sampling frequency in such a manner that the lowest discrete time harmonic in each function has 25 samples per cycle. 2. a) y(t)=(-1/j)x(-0.4-3t)-jx(0.6t), b) g(t)=6exp(-j2 t)+(1/j)5exp(-7 t), c) given s(t) in part c of the example, is s((-1/j )t) periodic? Why or why not? Is s(- t) periodic? Why or why not? 3. a) x[n]={5, 0(origin), 4+2j, 3-5j, 7j}, b) x[n]= -jexp[(-1/j)0.6 n]. 4. 1) |I ac |=19A when |V|=110V and f=60Hz, 2) I dc =19A, when V=9Vdc (at f=0). Now, taking the voltage drops across R and L as two separate outputs, find the
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Unformatted text preview: corresponding input/output transfer functions and plot the input (both magnitude and phase) voltage spectra to the motor and the corresponding voltage spectra for each output for both 1) and 2). 5. Rework this problem (taking all voltage measurements as magnitude values) for: a) V=8V, f=90kHz, c) R=40 Ohm, V=8V, f=80kHz. Now, taking the voltage as the input and the current as the output, derive the corresponding input/output transfer function of each appliance and plot the input (both magnitude and phase) spectra to the motor and the oven and the corresponding current output spectra for a) and c)....
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