project 1 - PROJECT 1 ME360 Spring 2010 March 17 due...

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PROJECT 1 ME360, Spring 2010 March 17, due Wednesday, March 31. (Reading: Text 1: Ch. 9, sec. 9.0 9.4; Ch. 13, sec. 13.0 13.3; Ch 14, sec. 14. 1, 14.2, 14.3, 14.4, 14.5; Text 3: Ch. 9, Ch. 10) Please, show all analytical computations. By working out each of the tasks in the next two problems you will combine the concepts of sampling, aliasing, and ideal and real filtering to build a conceptual and analytical framework for understanding the need for and the actual inner working of the front end of a data acquisition system. This project addresses data acquisition of periodic signals, however the same concepts apply to acquisition of the nonperiodic data. Problem 1. You need to sample with your data acquisition system a sawtooth waveform x p (t) with period T=4, and x p (t)= 2t, 0 t 4 (for reference, cf. Example 8.2 (b) with a sawtooth waveform on p. 203 of Ambardar) 5 pts. (a) Can you select the sampling period t s of your data acquisition system to avoid aliasing? Explain, using the relationship between time domain and frequency domain for periodic signals. 15 pts.
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project 1 - PROJECT 1 ME360 Spring 2010 March 17 due...

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