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ME360 Exam 1, Spring 2010, 7pm-9pm, Wednesday, March 31, 135MEB, 153MEB Focus Topics for Exam 1 Introductory Background. 1. Signal classification: discrete time, continuous time, analog, sampled, quantized, digital, causal, noncausal, deterministic, stochastic, mixed. 2. Signal measures: absolute and square integrability, absolute and squire summability; power signals, energy signals. 3. Basic operations on signals: folding, scaling, shifting, decimation, interpolation. 4. Basic characteristics of a periodic signal: frequency, magnitude, phase. Summation of periodic signals of different frequencies, common period. 5. Signal spectra: phase, magnitude, and power spectra of a simple sinusoid, of a sum of sinusoids. 6. Finding transfer functions of simple mechanical systems and circuits (equivalent impedance method for circuits). Effect of output choice on the form of a transfer function. Instrumentation. 7. AC vs DC coupling, first order low pass and high pass filter transfer functions and their blocking zeros. 8. Strain gauge (action, bridge configuration, common mode, normal mode), instrumentation
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