economics(3) - 2) Do you worry about the world economy? 3)...

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ECONOMICS DISCUSSION STUDENT A’s QUESTIONS  (Do not show these to student B) 1) What is economics? 2) Are you interested in economics? 3) How important is economics? 4) Do you think economics is a good subject to study? 5) How is the economy in your country? 6) What are the biggest economic problems in your country? 7) Do you think economics is a science? 8) How is economics different under socialist and capitalist systems? 9) What was the last thing you read or heard about economics? 10) Do you think economics is the most important thing people think about in an  election? Hundreds more free handouts at ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ECONOMICS DISCUSSION STUDENT B’s QUESTIONS  (Do not show these to student A) 1) Do you read or watch economics news in newspapers and on the TV?
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Do you worry about the world economy? 3) What are the biggest economic problems in the world? 4) Do you know what the difference is between macroeconomics and microeconomics? 5) What do you know about economic growth? 6) What do you understand by the term environmental economics? 7) What is the effect of economics on society? Hundreds more free handouts at 8) Do you think economic aid and economic sanctions work? 9) Which people in this world care most about economics? 10) What do you think happiness economics is? Lonely Planet travel guide in fraud scandal - 15 th April, 2008 More free lessons at 2...
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economics(3) - 2) Do you worry about the world economy? 3)...

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