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Experimental Economics - ECO 7391-002: Experimental...

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ECO 7391-002: Experimental Economics Fall, 2007 Thursday, 2:30-5:15pm SOM 2.903 Professor Rachel Croson 2.514 Green Hall [email protected] 972-883-6016 Introduction Experimental Economics is a new subfield of economics, designed to address economic questions using controlled experiments. Researchers use experimental methods to test economic theories which are difficult to examine empirically (e.g. game theory), to testbed policies being considered by policymakers (e.g. antitrust regulation) and to examine anomalies previously observed in empirical or theoretical literature (e.g. preference reversals). This seminar is designed to introduce PhD students to the field of Experimental Economics. The first half of the course will be primarily lecture-based, and will provide a broad overview of past research in the field. In the second half of the course, students will choose a particular area of interest, and develop and present a more in-depth review of previous research in that area. At the end of the course, students will produce a paper proposing an original and publishable research topic in the field. Textbooks There are three required textbooks for this class Experimental Economics : Douglas Davis and Charles Holt. Princeton University Press, 1992. The Handbook of Experimental Economics:
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Experimental Economics - ECO 7391-002: Experimental...

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