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School of Business and Economics Department of Management 1200 Murchison Road Fayetteville, NC 28301-4298 MGMT 660 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Instructor: Don A. Okhomina, PhD Course # and Name: MGMT 660: International Business Office Location: SBE 2 nd Floor, Career Advisement/Entrepreneurship, Suite260 Semester Credit Hours: 3 Office hours: M, 3:00PM– 6:00PM; T, 10:00 AM–12: Noon, Sat., 9AM – 12 PM (Virtual), or by Appointment Day and Time Class Meets M: 6:00 PM - 8:50PM Office Phone: 910-672-2148, Dept. Secretary Phone 910-672-1595 Email address: [email protected] or [email protected] FSU Policy on Electronic Mail: Fayetteville State University provides to each student, free of charge, an electronic mail account ( [email protected] ) that is easily accessible via the Internet. The university has established FSU email as the primary mode of correspondence between university officials and enrolled students. Inquiries and requests from students pertaining to academic records, grades, bills, financial aid, and other matters of a confidential nature must be submitted via FSU email. Inquiries or requests from personal email accounts are not assured a response. The university maintains open-use computer laboratories throughout the campus that can be used to access electronic mail. Rules and regulations governing the use of FSU email may be found at http://www.uncfsu.edu/PDFs/EmailPolicyFinal.pdf Prerequisites Required: Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Accounting and Principles of Finance II. Course Description This course focuses on the environment of international business. It considers the activities of multinational firms and government policies toward them, drawing policy implications for the management of these enterprises. The course surveys 1
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country differences, theories of international trade, global monetary systems, the strategy and structure of international business, and the international business operations. It goes on to consider strategic options for the major functions of global production, outsourcing, and logistics, global marketing and R&D, human resources management, accounting & financial management relating them to the firm's overall global strategy. Course Objectives 1. Acquire the knowledge and skills managers need to face global competition and evaluate international investment and business opportunities. 2. Gain an understanding of country differences frameworks. 3. Increase awareness in international trade, global monetary systems. 4. Develop “global mindset” and basic understanding of world accounting and financial environments. 5. Acquaint students with global strategies, structures, and implementations III. Disabled Student Services: In accordance with Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ACA) of 1990, if you have a disability or think you have a disability to please contact the Center for Personal Development in the Spaulding Building, Room 155 (1 st Floor); 910-672-1203.
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