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FULL-TIME RESEARCH ASSISTANT POSITION FOR GRADUATING SENIORS INTERESTED IN ECONOMICS RESEARCH Economics professors David Laibson (Harvard), Brigitte Madrian (Wharton), and James Choi (Yale) are looking to hire full-time research assistants to begin the summer of 2006. This one-year position entails working on theoretical and empirical research related to retirement savings, individual investor behavior, and psychological economics. Candidates should have an interest in applying to a quantitative Ph.D. program (preferably in economics) and pursuing a research career. Applicants must be detail- oriented and have strong programming and quantitative skills. Excellent grades required. JOB DESCRIPTION Your responsibilities would include performing statistical analyses on large databases, designing and running experiments, programming simulations of theoretical models, and proving theoretical results. For examples of our research, see http://www.nber.org/digest/feb01/w7878.html and
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