bovecv - bovecv 9/21/07 CURRICULUM VITAE NAME: Roger Even...

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bovecv 9/21/07 CURRICULUM VITAE NAME: Roger Even Bove ADDRESS: 325 Holly Rd. West Chester PA 19380-4614 BORN: Glen Ridge NJ - May 24 1938 EXPERIENCE: 1983-present Department of Economics and Finance West Chester University West Chester PA 1983-2220 Website : Email: Associate Professor of Economics Have taught Principles of Economics, Labor Economics, International Economics, Statistics, Comparative Economic Systems, Intermediate Microeconomics and Managerial Economics. Served as Department Chairperson. 1981-1982 Chase Econometrics (No longer in Business) 150 Monument Rd. Bala Cynwyd PA 19004 Senior International Economist Responsible for forecasting for several Far Eastern Countries. Developed and revised econometric models used for forecasting and wrote quarterly reports detailing problems and prospects of the economies. 1979-1981 General Electric Company - TEMPO (No longer in Business) 777 14th St., NW Suite 500 Washington DC 20005 Senior Economist Served as project manager on economic studies of population and energy demand. Managed preparation of studies of impact of population of three African countries on economic development, environment, energy needs and food requirements for the USAID program, Resources For Awareness of Population in Development (RAPID). As project manager of DOE International Energy Development Program to conduct an energy assessment of Korea, visited Korea and developed a set of economic growth projections that were incorporated into the Korean national planning process. 1
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bovecv 9/21/07 1974-1979 US Bureau of the Census Suitland MD 20233 Senior Economist, Social Science Analyst, Statistician At the Census Use Center did a survey of regional economic impact models in use by the Federal Government. Managed project to develop eligibility criteria for the Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Program of the Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service (HCRS) of the Department of the Interior. Studied effects of shipyard closings on local economies in US for the Maritime Administration. Served as project leader in a study of properties of the formula used to allocate funds for Economic Development Administration Local Public Works Program. Worked on other projects on use of data and formulas for fund allocation. As a Senior Economist on the Socioeconomic Analysis Staff in the
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bovecv - bovecv 9/21/07 CURRICULUM VITAE NAME: Roger Even...

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