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BIS 104 Examination Procedures and Policies As indicated in the course syllabus, BIS 104 course grades are based solely on the number of points earned on in-class written exams. Quiz Friday April 9 8:00am Midterm I Monday April 19 8:00am Midterm II Friday May 14 8:00am Final Thursday June 10 3:30pm The quiz will take place in 3 Kleiber. For the two midterms and the final exam, the class will be divided so that half will take the exam in 3 Kleiber and half will take the exam in an extra room to provide alternate seating for all. The location of the extra room and the names of students assigned to that room will be posted at least one week prior to the exam. Quiz and midterm exam papers will be distributed promptly at 8:00am, so be sure to be in your seat before 8:00am. Latecomers will not be allowed to take seats among those who are already working on their exams. If you arrive after 8:00am you will be directed to chairs in the front of
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Unformatted text preview: the room. Printed exam papers will be provided (all exams are closed notes / book) so you will need only pencils or pen (blue or black ink). All electronic devices should be turned off and put away prior to entering the room. Calculators will not be needed, nor will they be allowed. A strict time limit will be enforced. Your instructor will keep you informed of the time and will announce when you should stop working and hand in your exam paper. Continuing to work on an exam beyond the agreed upon time limit is not allowed, and those exam papers will receive a score of zero. In fairness to the entire class, there will be no exceptions and this policy will be strictly enforced. Students requiring special accommodations should work through the SDC and then make the appropriate arrangements with the course instructor at least one week prior to an exam....
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