BIS 104 exam tips spring 2010

BIS 104 exam tips spring 2010 - BIS 104 EXAMINATIONS 1...

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Unformatted text preview: BIS 104 EXAMINATIONS 1. Arrive on time and take alternate seats, if possible. The exams will start promptly at 8:00. Any exam paper not in the instructor’s possession at the end of the designated exam period will not be graded and will receive a score of zero. 2. Write your name on each page of the exam. 3. Read through the entire exam to see how the points are distributed and to identify which questions are easiest for you to answer. 4. Use abbreviations, such as PM for “plasma membrane”, to save time, but define them first. Accurately labeled sketches may also be used to clarify an answer. 5. Write legibly in dark pencil, or blue or black ink; illegible papers will not be graded. 6. Write down everything you mean to say. Especially when describing experiments, be certain that your answer is complete (e.g., that you have described every step in the experimental protocol). If you want to add additional material that is not asked for, make sure that it is correct; points will be deducted...
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