BIS 104 Mukouyama chart Spring 2010

BIS 104 Mukouyama chart Spring 2010 - Venous endothelial...

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Triple – color confocal fluorescence microscopy of neurons and endothelial cells in the developing mouse skin cell type molecular marker fluorescent color Neurons 2H3 green (neurofilaments) Pan-endothelial PECAM-1 blue (surface sugar) Arterial endothelial Ephrin B2 red (receptor)
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Unformatted text preview: Venous endothelial Eph B4 red (receptor) Two transgenic mouse strains provide the limb skin for analysis: Strain 1: Beta – gal – Ephrin B2 arterial endothelial = red Eph B4 no venous signal Strain 2: Beta – gal – Eph B4 venous endothelial = red Ephrin B2 no arterial signal...
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