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M IC 150 - 1 - Exam 1 (W'09) Mic 150 Bacterial Genetics E XAM 1: Power of Bacterial Genetics; Lateral Gene Transfer Tuesday, January 27, 10:30 a. m. Before you begin working on your exam, take a moment to review these excerpts from the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct: All members of the academic community are responsible for the academic integrity of the Davis campus … Examples of academic misconduct include: • receiving or providing unauthorized assistance on examinations • using unauthorized materials during an examination … • altering an exam and submitting it for re-grading … • using false excuses to obtain extensions of time The ultimate success of a code of academic conduct depends largely on the degree to which it is willingly supported by students themselves. Instructions Be certain to mark your Scantron with: (1) your student ID number; (2) the Test Form (this is Test Form A ). I intend for each question to be clear and unambiguous; there are no "trick" questions. If you do not understand a question, P LEASE A SK ! Multiple choice (20 questions; 1 point each): Mark your answers on a Scantron 2000 form. Use a number 2 pencil and make dark marks that completely fill the answer bubble. You will keep your exam, so note your answers for reference. Short answer (2 questions; 10 points total): Write your answers in the spaces provided. You have 75 minutes to complete the exam (10:30 - 11:45). A grade penalty will be deducted from exams returned after 11:45. E ACH QUESTION HAS ONLY ONE CORRECT ANSWER
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M IC 150 - 2 - Exam 1 (W'09) Part A. Multiple Choice (20 points total) Each question has only one correct answer. 1. E. coli is a good model for genetic analysis because it has a. a relatively small genome of about 4.6 Mb b. a large population size and rapid generation time c. efficient screens and selections to isolate mutants d. all of the above 2. A bacterial genome of approximately 4.5 Mb encodes approximately a. 4.5 × 10 2 proteins b. 9.0 × 10 2 proteins c. 4.5 × 10 3 proteins d. 9.0 × 10 3 proteins 3. The genetic designation (trpEA)2 denotes a a. deletion of the trpDCB genes b. deletion of the trpEDCBA genes c. 2 nt insertion in the trpEDCBA operon d. 2 nt deletion in the trpEDCBA operon 4. The phenotypic designation Lac + denotes an organism that a. uses lactose as carbon source b. synthesizes lactose c. requires addition of lactose for growth in defined medium
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mic150_e1 - Mic 150 Bacterial Genetics EXAM 1: Power of...

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