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M IC 150 - 1 - Midterm Exam (W'10) Mic 150 Bacterial Genetics M IDTERM E XAM : Genetic Analysis; Extrachromosomal Elements Thursday, February 4, 10:30 a. m. Before you begin working on your exam, take a moment to review these excerpts from the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct: All members of the academic community are responsible for the academic integrity of the Davis campus … Examples of academic misconduct include: • receiving or providing unauthorized assistance on examinations • using unauthorized materials during an examination … • altering an exam and submitting it for re-grading … • using false excuses to obtain extensions of time The ultimate success of a code of academic conduct depends largely on the degree to which it is willingly supported by students themselves. Instructions Be certain to mark your Scantron with: (1) your student ID number; (2) the Test Form (this is Test Form A ). I intend for each question to be clear and unambiguous; there are no "trick" questions. If you do not understand a question, P LEASE A SK ! The exam consists of 35 multiple-choice questions: 30 questions at 1 point each, and 5 questions at 2 points each. Mark your answers on a Scantron 2000 form. Use a number 2 pencil and make dark marks that completely fill the answer bubble. You will keep your exam, so note your answers for reference. You have 75 minutes to complete the exam (10:30 - 11:45). A grade penalty will be deducted from exams returned after 11:45. E ACH QUESTION HAS ONLY ONE CORRECT ANSWER
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IC 150 - 2 - Midterm Exam (W'10) Part A. One Point Each (30 points total) Each question has only one correct answer. 1. E. coli is a good model for genetic analysis because it has a. a relatively small genome of about 4.6 Mb b. a large population size and rapid generation time c. efficient screens and selections to isolate mutants d. all of the above 2. A bacterial genome encoding approximately 3 × 10 3 proteins is approximately a. 0.3 Mbp b. 0.6 Mbp c. 3.0 Mbp d. 6.0 Mbp 3. DNA replication errors a. can be removed by methyl-directed mismatch repair b. can be removed by methyl-sensitive restriction endonucleases c. occur preferentially on the lagging strand d. a and c 4. Transcription initiation involves binding of RNA polymerase to the a. promoter element b. Shine-Dalgarno element c. initiation codon d. a and c 5. Transcription termination involves RNA polymerase response to a a. factor-independent (hairpin) terminator
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mic150_e12 - Mic 150 Bacterial Genetics MIDTERM EXAM...

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